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Download the HelpPay app today Download the HelpPay app today

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How HelpPay Works

1. Download the App

HelpPay is free to download and has no subscription fees. Join using your Facebook or Google account or your email and mobile number.

The HelpPay App

2. Sharing a bill

Follow the steps to turn your bill into a link to share. We do all the hard work to turn your bill into a link to share and payment page.

sharing a bill

3. You're in control

You’re in control of who you share with. Invite people you know to join you on the HelpPay app, or share the link via SMS, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, TikTok, Twitter and more. Of course, you can also do both!

sharing a bill

4. Anyone can help a little or a lot

People helping pay a bill can choose to be anonymous or not. Bills can't be overpaid. HelpPay updates how much is owed after every payment. For example: if a bill is originally $99 and someone pays $40, the next person to see the bill payment page will only see $59 owing.

helping with bills

5. Say Thanks!

When someone helps out to pay your bills there's nothing like a personal thanks. Helping is its own reward but nothing says thank you, like 'thank you!'

thank you

Which bill? Any bill with BPAY

HelpPay works with every bill BPAY accepts. Get started today, download HelpPay.

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