HelpPay Stories

Connecting those who need help with their bills, with those who are looking to help others. Working together to chip-in and chip-away.

Giving help

Help Someone Directly

You get to choose to help the person whose story most resonates with you and help them directly.

Know where your money is going

Your donation will never go to a person's account. Using BPAY, we ensure all funds go straight to the biller.

Helping Aussies Doing it Tough

HelpPay is an Australian business and we only help people pay Australian bills

Make a Real Difference

You're not just helping with a bill. You are giving relief and buying the person time to get back on their feet.

How it works

Someone needs help

Upload any BPAY bill into HelpPay and receive a secure bill link, that can be shared with anyone

Share their story

Users can add a story and share their bill on HelpPay Stories for help from the community

Receive help

Helpers can contribute a little or a lot to any story that resonates with them

Payments go to the biller

Contributions made are directed straight to the billing provider & never to a personal account

Getting help

Share your bill for help

HelpPay generates a payment page & bill link that can be shared with anyone for help

Protect Your Privacy

Your bill link will share your first name, the provider name, due date and the remaining amount due only

Instant Payments Notifications

See when a contribution has been made to your bill - we send instant notifications each time someone helps.

Get Help Outside Your Network

We understand that not everyone has a support network around them that can help when times are tough.

How it works

Download the app

Visit the App Store or Play Store to download HelpPay or visit

Upload a bill

Easily upload your bill into HelpPay with your BPAY details

Create your story

Write a short story on why you need help with your bill

Share it with the world

Get the help you need by sharing your bill on Stories

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