About Us

We're making it easier and more transparent than ever to give and get help for bills

About us

HelpPay is a 100% Australian-owned company, operating predominately from Melbourne, Australia.

We are a new profit-for-purpose fintech that has set out to make helping easier.

When the idea of HelpPay was formed a supportive gesture of shouting a dinner didn’t seem to cut it.

While the person receiving a fuss-free dinner for a night the same amount of money could be made to go a lot further - such as paying for some or all of someone's mobile phone or electricity bill.

This is just one of many examples where we thought, 'hey there's something else that could be done here', and it is with that pure-intent that HelpPay was born.  

Our Mission 

The HelpPay mission is to make helping easier by empowering people to ask and give help more easily.

Our technology enables a simple, transparent, and trusted way to help and to provide those who need help, a fuss-free way to get help. 

We believe by providing a simple, transparent, and secure way for people to help others, more people will be willing to give help to others and by extension, more people will receive help.  

Founders and HelpPay Board

Andrew Ellett


24+ years in digital and a founder of a digital agency servicing major corporates around the world.

Andrew is a board member of Microsoft scale-up business, EngageRM, and holds board advisory roles in medtech and a recruitment company.

Andrew holds Bachelor degrees in Arts (Indonesian) and Commerce (eCommerce).

Rowan Wilde


Leveraging 20+ years leading in digital including for some of Australia's best-known brands in energy, insurance, health and wealth management.

Rowan has woven leadership, innovation and volunteering to create an ethos of creating better outcomes for people.

Rowan is the Social Impact Advisory Board secretary. Rowan holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing and International Trade.

Adam Barty


Adam brings his 22+ years in management roles with some of Australia's best-known digital agencies.

Adam has significant experience and knowledge in technical digital environments, client advisory, and is currently the Managing Director of Revium as all as a founder of HelpPay.

Adam was the deputy Chair of Hockey Victoria for 5 years, and holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Government.

Tony Hood


Leveraging his 30+ years of experience as a chartered accountant (M&A advisory) with William Buck.

Tony holds multiple chairs and board roles, which include SaaS, NFP, and NSO enterprises.

Tony was formally on the Gymnastics Australia general board and Chair of Gymnastics Australia's Finance and Risk Committee.

Sarah Tinsley


Sarah brings to HelpPay’s board 18 years of experience acting as legal counsel for major Australian brands including Fairfax, Australian Radio Network and currently she is serving as general counsel and company secretary for CultureAmp.

Sarah has a Bachelor degree in Law (honours) and has a GAICD with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Social Impact Advisory Board

John Bertrand


John does not put his name to something lightly. He is a huge supporter of HelpPay and actively Chairs our Social Impact Advisory Board. His influence, business connections and passion for HelpPay is ensuring we are becoming a global success.

John holds an honorary Doctorate from Victoria University and is Vice Chancellor Professional Fellow Monash University.

Lauren Morcom

Board Member

Lauren is a corporate finance professional within the Deals, Tax & Legal team at KPMG with experience across many sectors including science, technology, manufacturing and retail.

Lauren has a passion for social impact and brings deep industry connections to advocate for the HelpPay brand

Sandy Archer

Board Member

Sandy brings a human-focused approach to everything she does.

Sandy’s 16 years in nursing and disability support services and firsthand experience helping vulnerable Australians navigate life, Medicare, health, insurance, living costs and the NDIS will be of great assistance to HelpPay to create meaningful and lasting change.

Chris Adams

Board Member

Chris is an internationally recognized start-up advisor, investment readiness specialist, strategist and Mentor.

He has over 25 years of experience including roles at Amazon, Facebook, Participant Media, Sensis, National Storage and many others including working with and helping to build many social enterprises.​

We Believe

We believe that short-term money challenges don’t define a person and we believe that great things happen when family and friends come together to support one another. 

We believe we can play a positive role by making helping easier, more transparent and much less effort. By achieving our goal of making helping easier we help make moments of hardship shorter, or ideally, reduce the number of people who experience hardship. 

The benefits that flow from reducing or avoiding financial hardship are many, including; fewer people feeling the impacts of stress, there is less worry about their future, people will know they are loved and supported in new ways, and people will just be happier. 

Ultimately, a happier less-stressed home is better for everyone in and around the home.

Making helping easier

We believe helping out should be easier and that’s what we strive to do every day.

When someone needs help, sharing the load and chipping in amongst a group of friends is what comes naturally to all of us.

In those moments what can really help is money to keep the lights on, the hot water running, the aircon going, and the internet connected and enabling the people you love to focus on getting back to normal. But helping can sometimes be harder than it needs to be.

Helping someone else means you deserve transparency in what your help is actually contributing to.

Calling a friend's electricity company? Impossible. Just sending money to their bank account can be done, but how much is needed? What will it cover? And asking for the whole bill to see what’s owed? No way.

It’s all too awkward, too much back and forth, and far too hard. Helping should just be easier, all the information you need should be right in front of you, and it should just be as easy as a few finger taps. And now it is.

Debt Prevention

We believe in debt prevention over debt collection. More can be done to help your customer's from falling into debt. Let's prevent customers from going into debt together.

Let's chat

Excited about what we are doing, want to get involved or have an idea for HelpPay? We would love to hear from you.

HelpPay proudly acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and live, and pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge their songlines, cultural lore and continuing connection to the land and water. We recognise and value the rich cultural heritage and ongoing contributions of Aboriginal people and communities to our society in Victoria.