Share, Split, Pay
bills with ease

Drop a HelpPay link in the group chat and everyone can pay their bit.

No subscription fees.

Earn credit card points.

No subscription or account fees

One easy link does everything

Payments attract credit card points

Payments go to the right company. Receipts every time.

Fee-free payments on bills for these brands

The best way to split and pay bills

Create a HelpPay account

Use your email, Google or Facebook account.

Create a HelpPay link to the bill

Just tell the app the bill's BPAY details, how much is owed and when.

Share the HelpPay link in group chat

Know who has paid, how much and when.

No-stress transparency

Receipts for every payment.

Bill sharing made easy

HelpPay will generate a payment page and secure bill link that can be shared with anyone.

It only takes a few seconds to get started.

HelpPay is available on Apple, Android and online with our web version

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