The Best Way to Share Bills

Turn any bill into a mobile friendly link making it super easy to share, split, and pay.

Payments go direct to the right account. Perfect for familes, friends, sharehouses and more.

Download the app for iPhone or Android or register online.

Enable more of what your customers already do

Your customers already split costs between family, friends and others.

Partner with us to make your brand's bills easy to share, secure, transaction fee free and get a whole new stream of data about your customers payment activities.

All with ZERO payment systems integration.

Safe Payments

We use bank grade security & validate bill details before they can be shared.

Our Promise

Money goes directly to the biller, never to a personal account.

Earn Rewards Points

Every payment earns credit card rewards points - often on bills you wouldn't earn points for paying.

Making bills easy to share and easy to pay is what we do.

Want to Help Someone?

If you have someone you know who you want to offer some financial support to check out this guide on how you can start a conversation about helping.

Or if you want to help a fellow Aussie doing it tough you can pay someone's bill directly using HelpPay Stories.

Download the Alinta Energy case study

Find out how Alinta achieved a 100% payment rate on shared bills.