Making bills easy to share and easy to pay is what we do.

Safe Payments

We use bank grade security & validate bill details.

Our Promise

Payments go to the right account at the right company every time.

Earn Rewards Points

Earn credit card points every time you pay.

HelpPay for people

Share, split, help and pay bills in a snap.

Payments go direct to the company, everyone gets receipts.

Available for iPhone and Android.

Being a good person is easier than ever

It feels great knowing your help is exactly what's needed and goes exactly where it is needed.

We verify every bill is a genuine BPAY bill before it can be shared.

Money given towards bills via HelpPay only goes to the billing company and never a personal bank account.

HelpPay for business

Empower your customers and improve your payments with our world-first platform.

No payments or IT integration needed.

Share Housing

No more awkward, much more transparency.

Wealth transfer

Look after family, every payment is receipted.

Prioritise empowerment

Improve payments to your company and reduce costs.

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