How HelpPay Works

Add Your Bill

Add a bill to HelpPay using your phone's camera or type in the details

Share the Link

HelpPay generates a unique link that you can share with anyone

Payment Page

People who click the link have the option to pay part, or all, of your bill

Get Notified

Anytime a payment is made towards your bill you will get a notification

Safe, Secure & Trusted

Safe Payments

We use bank grade security & validate bill details before they can be shared.

Our Promise

Money goes directly to the biller, never to a personal account.

Tried & Trusted

We have had bill payments made to hundreds of different billers.

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HelpPay Web

Unable to download the HelpPay app? Use the web version of HelpPay through your browser on any device.

When Australians are using HelpPay

To support family & friends during illness

With unexpected costs when the family is growing

To help the kids when they move out of home

After an accident and time off work

To support working through challenges with addiction

To make job loss and family separation easier

To manage bill payments for elderly parents

To support family and friends in need

Get Help

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Give Help

Want to learn more about how you can offer help to people you know or other Aussies doing it tough?

For Business

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