HelpPay Partners

Our partners are offering their customers proactive debt prevention and a way to deal with cost of living challenges that is making life easier.

Tango Energy


Tango Energy, the retail arm of Pacific Hydro Australia, and was launched in 2012 to meet Aussies’ demands for low-cost, simple energy plans with a clean conscience.

With over 100,000 customers and growing, Tango’s customer numbers create demand that enables Pacific Hydro Australia to invest in new renewable energy projects throughout Australia.

Alinta Energy


Alinta Energy has been supplying electricity and gas for over 20 years in Australia.

Alinta Energy operates in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, the ACT, Queensland, the Pilbara and Perth.

Alinta has more than 1 million customers and employs more than 800 people across Australia and New Zealand.

Youth Development Australia


Since 2005 a group of leading thinkers and practitioners have been building Youth Development Australia to improve the lives of young people in Australia, with a foundational commitment to disadvantaged young Australians.

Red Energy pay bill, red energy bill payment options

Red Energy


Red Energy is an Australian energy retailer, owned by Snowy Hydro Limited.

Red provides energy for residential, small business and large businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and South East Queensland and its award winning customer solutions team is based in Victoria.

Lumo energy pay bill, lumo energy bill payment options, lumo energy helppay partner

Lumo Energy


Lumo Energy is an award winning, Australian energy company, owned by Snowy Hydro Limited.

Lumo proudly serves customers across Victoria and South Australia with great value electricity and gas plans. 

Diamond Energy


Founded in 2004, Diamond Energy has been focused on building a business to generate change through renewable energy sources that wil replace coal and gas.

Diamond Energy and HelpPay are partnering to give customers another option when it comes to looking after, or being looked after, by family and friends.

Together, we can prevent more customers falling into debt.

globird, globird energy, globird pay bill, glorbird electricity

Globird Energy


GloBird Energy is a next-gen, budget-friendly energy retailer.

Founder John McCluskey had grown frustrated with giant ‘power hungry’ companies who had lost sight of customer care in favour of profits, and together with some friends he focused on delivering both low prices and customer satisfaction.

Hamilton Thomas Lawyers

Family Law

Hamilton Thomas Lawyers are experts are guiding you through one of the most emotionally intense and pivotal moments in your life.

Hamilton Thomas Lawyers are not ‘transactional’ and the team strives to be another branch of your support network.

Ray White, Balwyn

Real Estate

Ray White is Australiasia's largest realestate group with over 1,000 offices.

HelpPay is partnering with Ray White Balwyn to help landlords and tenants navigate the challenges of cost of living on so many households.

Vogue Property

Real Estate Management

2009 by the Amendolia Family, Vogue Property continues to provide a specialised and dedicated property management service in Sydney, NSW.

Youth Worx


Youthworx is a project of Youth Development Australia, a public benevolent institution created by a group of leading thinkers and practitioners as a platform for change and a way of exploring, developing and trialing innovative youth initiatives.

Youthworx is fuelled by seeking to have a creative, innovative response to young people experiencing homelessness and disadavantage.

All of the outcomes at Youthworx have come from asking the question ‘how do we effectively use creative media production/engagement to transform the life possibilities of the most vulnerable young people?’

In response to this question Youthworx has gone on to establish a sustainable social enterprise model over more than 10 years that seeks to marry the creative with the commercial.

National Youth Commission Australia


The National Youth Commission Australia (NYCA) is leading an Inquiry into Youth Employment and Transitions. NYCA seeks to bring together the expertise, ideas and experience of young people, and the whole of the Australian, community to build a reform agenda for education and the preparation and support of young people for work now and in the future.

The NYCA is a co-designed process in which young people and the broader community can bring forward detailed ideas and solutions to challenging national issues.

It's a platform through which your ideas and solutions can be heard and acted upon.

The NYCA draws together the expertise and lived experience of young people with ideas from the broader community, while mobilising of the best brains in the country, to create a new agenda for preparing young people with the skills and capabilities they need now and in the future.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia


Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia (BBBSA) provides long-term, one-to-one mentoring to help change the course of vulnerable young peoples lives.

BBBSA's community-based mentoring is designed to help young people develop a greater sense of belonging and self-worth.

Many young people participating in community-based mentoring are seeking positive adult role models in their lives outside of their existing support structures. By providing this level of support young people have the ability to identify their aspirations whilst establishing enduring connections with others.