Helping Others Made Easy

Know where your money is going with HelpPay bill links.
Using BPAY, we ensure that all payments made towards a bill will go straight to the person's biller and never to a personal account.

Help a stranger

You can now see real people's stories and contribute directly to their bill via HelpPay Stories. Know that your contribution will go right where it is needed, to the biller and never to a personal account.

Help a loved one

Have a family member or friend in need? You can support your loved ones in times of need in many different ways. Why not give them a sense of relief and peace of mind by contributing to a bill?

Have a question?

Our Support page is full of FAQs, and access to our knowledge base with step-by-step guides and in-depth answers to different user questions, or you can contact our Support team directly.

Many of us have wanted to help someone we care about, and thought 'what can I do that will really help?'

Well with HelpPay you can help keep the lights on, the hot water going and more, by paying some or all of someone's bill.

We make sure your money goes where it should. Our partnership with BPAY ensures that money paid towards a bill means it only goes to that bill and not to an individual's personal account.

Being a Helping Hero

It feels great knowing your help is exactly what's needed and goes exactly where it is needed.

We verify every bill is a genuine BPAY bill before it can be shared.

Money given towards bills via HelpPay only goes to the billing company and never a personal bank account.

Why use HelpPay to help others

Help those in need directly with what matters

Money paid is directed to the BPAY biller & never to a personal account

See the essential bill information; biller's name, due date & amount due

Each BPAY biller is verified before a bill can be uploaded

Receive an instant receipt once you have contributed

receive credit card points when paying bills

Want to help someone right now?

Visit HelpPay Stories today. The HelpPay Stories Feed displays bills of those who need help with a short story on why they need help. Read and contribute to a story that resonates with you.

People are using HelpPay to support loved ones

During illness and treatment

When families are growing

When kids are first moving out of home

After an accident

During challenging periods in life

During job loss and family separation

with elderly parents and family admin

no matter where they are

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