Being a good person is easier than ever

It feels great knowing your help is exactly what's needed and goes exactly where it is needed.

We verify every bill is a genuine BPAY bill before it can be shared.

Money given towards bills via HelpPay only goes to the billing company and never a personal bank account.

HelpPay is perfect for...

Focusing on getting better

Growing families

Share housing

Recovering from an accident

Record keeping between family

Separated families

Elderly parents life admin

The bank of mum and dad

Easy, transparent, trusted

When sharing, splitting or helping pay a bill, with HelpPay you know your money goes to the right account every time.

How we ensure money goes where it should

Our technology partnership with BPAY ensures all payments made towards a bill will go to the right account at the right company every time.

When sharing is caring

There's often moments in life when chipping in to help a family member is goes well beyond the dollars. It's a way of showing you're there when you can't be there. Coming together to all chip in so someone can focus getting better is so rewarding.

Hassle free housemates

Everyone dreads being the person to ask for money to pay a bill. With HelpPay it's easy to drop a link in a group chat and for everyone to contribute their bit. Money paid goes direct to the account and everyone gets receipts for their contribution.

Each BPAY biller is verified before a bill can be uploaded

Receive an instant receipt once you have contributed

receive credit card points when paying bills

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