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Anyone with the link can help pay some or all of the bill

Money given to pay a bill only goes to pay that bill

People who help pay get receipts immediately

How HelpPay Works

Upload your bill into HelpPay

Simply provide the BPAY biller, customer reference number, how much is due and when, on the bill you need help with.

The app then creates a unique link for you to share in seconds.

Share your link with anyone

Anyone with the link can help pay some or all of the bill you need help with.

Share your link on any channel, as privately or publicly as you like.

Money given goes direct to bills

Contributions to your bill via the unique HelpPay link will go to the billing provider and never to a personal account. We use the provided BPAY details to deliver funds where they need to be.

All contributions are recorded in-app, so you know who has contributed and how much.

Why use HelpPay to share your bill?

The link only shares the minimum necessary details about the bill

See who has contributed & how much

Payment receipts sent immediately for transparency

Bills can't be overpaid so everyone knows when the job is done

Our Facebook group is here to help

We recognise that not everyone has someone to ask for help so we've created a Facebook group to be that help network.

So if youneed a bit of help with a bill, please join it - it's full of people ready to help pay people's bills.

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