Brand Partnership Benefits

HelpPay's Brand Partnership is perfect for small businesses and Not-For-Profit organisations wanting to let their customers know about HelpPay.

Customers can have a HelpPay account for free, and upload and share bills for free on the HelpPay platform.

The brand partnership enables both organisations to promote each other's brands as brand partner of HelpPay.

As a brand partner

  • The is no monthly charge to your organisation

  • Your customers and their helpers pay transaction fees

  • No technical integration for payment processing

  • If customers use HelpPay to pay your invoices HelpPay reconciles payments via your existing BPAY processes

  • No API access

  • Your organisation may market and promote HelpPay as a payment option to your customers in line with the terms and conditions of the partnership

  • HelpPay provides no reporting or analytics data to your organisation

  • HelpPay may invite you to participate in surveys from time to time and the topics may include the Australian economy, hardship, vulnerability or stress.

Brand Partnership Enquiry

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