Making bills easy to share and easy to pay is what we do.

Enable more of what your customers already do

Your customers already split costs between family, friends and others.

Partner with us to make your brand's bills easy to share, secure, transaction fee free and get a whole new stream of data about your customers payment activities.

All with ZERO payment systems integration.

Safe Payments

We use bank grade security & validate bill details before they can be shared.

Our Promise

Money goes directly to the biller, never to a personal account.

Earn Rewards Points

Every payment earns credit card rewards points - often on bills you wouldn't earn points for paying.

A discrete option for personal moments

Every month some of your customers won't pay on time for various reasons.

When that happens, families want to help, why not make it easy and secure for them to do so?

Get paid more, more often

Give your business every opportunity to get paid more, more often.

Give your customers the flexibility they deserve.

Digital inclusivity

Some people are held back by language, time, opportunity or other factors.

Enabling people to discreetly seek solutions from family, friends and the community so they aren't left disadvantaged, levels the playing field.

Secure, seamless payments

We verify your customers bills using BPAY and world leading, trusted, technology.

"Being aware of what is affecting our customers is what enables us to offer them energy plans that suit their needs... that is what led us to promoting HelpPay ... so that anyone can get help anytime."

John Ballenger, General Manager Retail, Tango Energy.

Want to see how HelpPay could work for your company?