We can help make separation less disruptive, particularly for children

HelpPay gives separating families transparent trusted confidence money goes where it should when sharing parenting costs

Reducing the emotion with transparency

Our role in a family separation is one of secure and trusted facilitation of payments for co-parenting costs.

With HelpPay both parents can see what's due, when, how much for, and when the other party has paid.

We make sure money goes where it should

We use BPAY to ensure bill details are valid and send money only to billing company using those details.

We provide instant receipts and notifications are given to both parties for every payment.

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Debt Prevention

We talk a lot about debt prevention at HelpPay.

Our research shows that most hardship starts with 'softship' - a financial hiccup that left unchecked can be very disruptive to people's lives.

Digital inclusivity

Some people are held back by language, time, opportunity or other factors.

Enabling people to discreetly seek solutions from family, friends and the community so they aren't left disadvantaged, levels the playing field.

About HelpPay


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Bills paid in full, more partially paid


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10 days

Customers share bills 10 days before they're due.


Worth of bills shared by customers with people to help pay


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