Unlock helping within your community for the benefit of your community

Less anxiety, better communities

The stress from being behind on bills can become overwhelming for some.

Financial anxiety results in people withdrawing from social activities.

But there is an easy solution tens of thousands of Australians are already using.

Making bills easy to share and easy to pay is what we do.

Safe Payments

We use bank grade security & validate bill details before they can be shared.

Our Promise

Payments go to the right account at the right company, every time.

Earn Rewards Points

Every payment on HelpPay earns credit card rewards points.

Digital inclusivity and empowerment

Enabling more people to discreetly seek help from family, friends and the wider community empowers more people to take action and get back out there.

Debt Prevention, not collection

We talk a lot about debt prevention at HelpPay.

Our research shows that most hardship starts with 'softship' - a financial hiccup that left unchecked can be very disruptive to people's lives.

Together we can reduce debt in our communities

Secure, seamless payments

We verify your customers bills using their bill BPAY details.

We send and reconcile payments directly via BPAY.

Your customers can (and may already be) paying your bills and rates via HelpPay, to help them not fall behind.

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