How to get credit card points on Vanguard's online investing platform

In this post we’ll explore how to use HelpPay with Vanguard’s online investing platform ( and how to get credit card rewards points when buying ETFs or shares

Who are Vanguard?

Founded in 1975, Vanguard has become a global powerhouse in investment management. With about $7.7 trillion in global assets under management, it stands as one of the world's largest investment companies. Its commitment to low-cost, passive investment strategies has reshaped the industry.

In Australia, Vanguard has been operating since 1996, solidifying its place as a trusted choice for Australian investors. It offers a broad array of investment products and continues to champion low-cost investing, ensuring Australians have the tools and resources to grow their wealth wisely. Vanguard's consistent growth is testament to its value-driven approach and unparalleled service.


What is Vanguard’s online platform?

Vanguard’s online platform is straightforward and allows anyone over the age of 18 to buy or sell a range of financial products including Shares, ETFs and a range of managed funds.

Step by Step - How to get credit card points using HelpPay and Vanguard’s online platform

Vanguard has a range of ways of getting funds into your account which can then be used to buy shares, ETFs or managed funds. Regular direct debit options are easy to setup from inside the platform, but one option is ‘one off’ contributions.

  1. When you're setting up your account Vanguard will provide you with BPAY payment details.

  2. Retain these BPAY details for your HelpPay account.

  3. Start or open your HelpPay account.

  4. Click on "Add a bill" at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Insert the BPAY payment details Vanguard's online platform provided to you.

  6. Create a bill value (how much you want to invest).

  7. Create a due date.

  8. Click on "Submit"

  9. HelpPay's app will then turn your specfic Vanguard Online Platform BPAY details into a digital link you, or anyone you share the link with, can pay through.

  10. Click on the link and make a payment.

  11. HelpPay will then review and process the payment and the money paid towards your Vanguard account will appear there in a day or two (approximately the same processing time as BPAY).

Already have a Vanguard online investing account? Here's how to find your BPAY details

Login to your Vanguard account and get to your homepage. You will see an option to deposit money into your account.

Click on 'deposit' and you will see an option to write down your personal BPAY billing code, which you can then use to get credit card points for investing, via HelpPay.


We hope this guide helps you find a way to get credit card points using HelpPay when investing via Vanguard's online investing platform.

Happy investing!